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Granule Flexi® is dedicated to small
and medium sized kitchens such as:
Medium-sized institutional
Most of our Granule Flexi® customers
prepare up to 500 meals a day. They
are pleasantly surprised when it comes
to capacity. The machine can clean up
to 4 x GN 1/1 containers, 200 mm deep,
directly in one cycle. Large pots up to
700 mm deep, mixing and ceramic
bowls, baking and plastic trays are also
very easily washed.
As the Granule Flexi® is an extremely
compact solution, no kitchen is too small
for this machine.
The Granule Combi® offers maximum
capacity in minimal space and is very
suitable for:
Kindergartens and pre-schools 
Staff canteens 
Smaller Health Care facilities 
Small to medium sized hotels
Granule Combi® is a unique Combi
dishwasher which combines the award
winning Granule Optimised Washing
Technology™ with the traditional
dishwashing technique for plates, cutlery
and most types of crockery.
 Granule Combi® automatically detects
which type of wash basket is loaded into
the machine and selects the appropriate
wash programme. Combi mode works with
standard 500 x 500 mm plastic wash
Granule Maxi® is dedicated to medium and
large sized kitchens such as:
Restaurants/Hotels with large
quantities of mixed pots 
Hospital/Health care kitchens 
Staff canteens 
Schools, Universities 
Catering companies 
Food processing industries...
Most of our Granule Maxi® customers
prepare up to 4 000 meals a day. This limit
is not fixed and depend more on how the
food is prepared and distributed than on the
actual number of portions.  The machine
ensures that clean pots are returned to the
kitchen fast. Moreover, consumption of
detergent, water and energy are reduced.
Winterhalter GS 660
Large, strong and robust
Input height of 830 mm and rack
dimensions of 1242 x 672 mm - so
plenty fits in. Broad-surface,
reversing washing system takes
care of your toughest dirt. Robusert,
easy to operate. Lift/folding door
saves room. Perfect processing and
an innovative filter system ensure
hygiene in the washing room, and
the Mediamet Cyclo permanently
removes floating particles from the
detergent solution.