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Viking Combi is a basic cooking
kettle with powerful integrated
mixing device for versatile and
professional food production. With
the use of mixer, many dishes can
be cooked from start to the finish in
one unit, without any food transfer.
Mixing assists heat transfer and
food is cooked faster and more
evenly. Hard manual mixing work is
a thing of a past. Unique mixing
features enable, for example,
crushing of minced meat and
mashing of potatoes for purées.
The renewed range of Culino 
cooking kettles and Culino Combi 
kettles, with integrated bottom mixer,
presents a solid and safe production
solution for every professional
kitchen.  Integrated bottom mixer
and electric tilting are just a few of
the many features that lighten the
routine work and manual labour of
many kitchens.
Proveno combi kettle cooks, mixes
and cools almost any kind of food.
You can prepare up to 70% of all
items in your menu with Proveno
combi kettle. With the Proveno hot
and cold dishes can be prepared
when ever needed, even a full
menu.Despite the large variety of
unique features and functions using
the Proveno kettle is simple and easy.
The Proveno kettles are not only
easy to use but also designed to ease
your daily work – with additional
savings of time and energy!
Using Futura Marvel you can
defrost, reheat and cook food,
even products requiring cautious
handling. Thanks to Futura
Marvel’s speed and effi ciency you
can prepare a meal just before
serving it, thus ensuring its
freshness. Gentle steam cooking
retains the texture, nutrients and
colour of the products. Futura
Marvel is useful in situations,
where the amount of food needed
changes rapidly and unexpectedly.
Additional portions made of
various ingredients can be
prepared quickly, as Futura
Marvel needs no preheating.