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Angelo Po Cooking
70 cm depth - Gamma line
In spite of its compact size (the
depth is just 700 mm), the Gamma
range delivers the highest
possible power with the
performance expected of
professional cooking appliances.
Each product is designed and
constructed to guarantee optimum
performance, high specific
powers, large cooking surfaces
and precise temperature control.
Angelo Po Cooking
90 cm depth - Alpha900 line
Alpha900 professional kitchen
equipment design. The application of
the latest technological innovations
places the new Alpha900 out on its
own, way ahead in terms of
performance, functionality, safety and
styling. Alpha900’s ground breaking
character is immediately noticeable in
its absolute precision through to the
tiniest detail. The various modular
units, all with a top in laser-cut AISI
304 stainless steel 20/10mm thick, fit
together perfectly to form a watertight
joint and ensure outstanding of the
class. marks a new beginning in
design: convenience and solidity at the
Electrolux: A passion for
Investments in Research and
Development and continuous
renewal of the products: with this
formula, in just a few years,
Electrolux Professional has literally
“changed its skin”, distinguishing
itself for the prestige of its Brands,
best-in-class performances and the
completeness of the offer.
Electrolux Modular Cooking
Extensive choice of cooking
functions able to respond to any
from fast-food catering to
traditional restaurant kitchens
(two dedicated ranges with
depths of 700 and 900 mm),
reaching the high-productivity
institutions (Thermaline).
Finally, Molteni, the only, true
“custom-made” kitchen, hand-
crafted according
to the expectations of Great